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Large Merlottes tee for sale!

Hey everyone! I have a large new merlottes tee for sale. It is too big on me and I can't wear it. Let me know if you want it for $20. My email is lindacski@yahoo.com!

P.S. A lot of you have been asking me to e mail you the true blood label I have. I will do that, just e mail me. I will try to post a link on here tonight so everyone can have it! I look forward to meeting everyone!
Be sure to checkout the facebook group dedicated to us invading dragoncon!

Sunday Night

Hi! I just discovered ya'll, and I've only got a few minutes before this week's episode, but here we go.

I and my husband are both heading to D*C, and we noted that the season 2 finale of True Blood would be on that Sunday...and we'd be in the same viscinity as Charlaine Harris. We've been hitting every board we can find trying to figure out if there's a watching party scheduled. Any info?


I did not forget about you!

RIP John Hughes...

So, I am finally on my computer at home which is great! DCON is almost here!! Yay! How is everyone?! Im excited!

Now, for a photo op for all of us true blodd goers, I'd like to decide on a time for all of us to meet. I have to look at previous posts and play catch up. Tomorrow that is! If you are on facebook, please please join the group, Merlottes invading Dragoncon. I created it hoping it would be easier to communicate. I will also be posting a label of true blood that I found on the internet that works. A Sobe bottle will do ( thank you for the recommendation) I also need to make my own blood to put in it!

I cant wait to see all my lj pals!! I will post tomorrow!
And I finally finished the second book. Now, On to the third... Ahhh Eric.... Yumsnaps!

True Blood Panel

Hi everybody! I'm not sure if anyone's been keeping an eye on the track sites, but it looks like there is a panel called 'True Blood: Southern Discomfort' scheduled on the American SciFi track for Friday at 10:00pm. I don't think a time has been pinned down for our photo-op yet (please correct me if I'm wrong!), so it seems like this would be the perfect time if everyone is game! They don't have any info on the panel yet, but maybe Charlaine Harris will be there. I have a feeling this isn't going to be the only True Blood panel, but it's the only one listed so far...


Facebook Community Created

So I just created the group MERLOTTES invading DragonCon in Facebook. So, the icon is not the best, I will make something more fitting! Come join! Im even more excited now! Let's see how many members we can get!

Whew! So close!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I know I havent posted as much as I should have but here we go. It's a week closer to DragonCon and I am getting super excited!

So, any news?

I have completed my waitress costume but I have yet to make my True Blood. I have to look on Google on how to make fake blood. As far as the label, I will e mail it to anyone who wants one or if you know how to post it to this blog, let me know. God, I'm terrible with adding and linking stuff!

Head Counting the girls (and guys?) we have: An estimate is that we have more than ten in our group. Cool! As far as the parade, I am not sure. I know we are also planning on a time and date to meet for photo op. I know Saturday is hectic but I was thinking after the parade?? Or if Charlaine is at a panel, we could all meet there? Speaking of, I still have to finish all the books! I'm almost done with 2. 7 more to go! Yay!

Post as you wish and I am excited to meet everyone!


I can't tell you how excited I am about this group. My only concern is time. When do you want to meet? I say Friday or Saturday. If Saturday, it can be after the parade then we can choose to stay as a waitress or change into another costume. I am assuming that the parade is at tenish? I wlll also post something similar on the Dcon blog, but how many of us are there? Can we kick the stormtroopers ass? LOL! I feel like we can. I have tried responding to everyone but I feel like I can't keep up! I just know that we are going to be the talk of the con because I know that all of us are really excited! And it's fantastic.

Also, I am trying to figure out how we can get a photo op with Ms. Charlaine Harris. I am thinking if she has a panel and we all show up, she will be thrilled and willing to take a pic!

I am on facebook (using real name)too so maybe this is another way we can communicate to see how many True Blood costumers are going to be there?

I woukld like to hear all of your thoughts and opinions. And might I say that I really like ERIC in the books as well as the show!

Sparklers Suck!

(I am days late of posting somethin new but my job has blocked my qaccess to any website I enjoy.)

So waitress' I think we are on the right track of a kick ass group! Can you believe I still have to order my shirt and apron?! My thoughts so far:

I never thought with one posting I would get a huge response and then get a group together! Thank you so much! Plans? I'd like to sign up for the Parade if we have at least 5 people.
Any ideas on how we can get a photo op with ms. Charlaine Harris? We can try her website.
Also, I thought if she is doing some panel or similar, we could totally raid the first one!
As time gets closer, I am getting super excited! This is a great way to meet people and make new friends!
Concerns: Getting together at a time where everyone can at least join in for a few minutes of a photo op! I have another costume that I am doing but I will be alternating between them. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can all meet? Oh, I am also going to carry a round tray and/or a bottle of true blood. We should find a collie stuffed animal. =) Please feel free if you have any ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc...

P.S. I will be celebrating my birthday for the four days at DCON, so you all are invited to the Marriott bar to have a couple of "TrueBloods" I will be the mid 2-5!

Thanks again!

Head Count!

Hey Everyone!

As time is getting closer to DragonCon, I was wondering if we should be in the parade? I mean how funny if waitress' invaded like the storm troopers?! Are there any Sam's out there? I am going as The Pro (see icon) and a waitress. I am not sure when everyone wants to meet for a group op. I said Friday but that's because I couldn't think of another time!

See you soon! Great to get to know everyone!

We're Here!

Hi Everyone!

I decided to make this community for True Blood Fans and especially the ones that are attending DragonCon as a TRUE BLOOD character. A lot of us are going to be a waitress from Merlotte's and are going to get a group together. We have one mission:


Does this sound fun? Also, a few of us are drinkers and will be at the Marriott Bar. No, not tending to the customers! =D Only, fun and photo ops!

Post in this community with whatever you want! Ideas, advice, etc, blah blah blah!

I am so excited about this!